Vampires, animals and Einstein

October 5, 2012General Health

Fangs for the memories

Kirsten Lindholm, fangs ablaze, The Vampire Lovers, 1970

There’s a bakery on the south side of Kauai devoid of baked goods. It contains a distinct lack of browning loaves  and an abundance of nori rolls, teriyaki chicken, and chips and sausages.

A strange, pocket sized Asian man came at me from behind the counter and brought his tattooed fist to my face. He asked me to read it.  “10 Q”, I read. He replied, “You’re welcome”.

I am actually convinced that you cannot live on this island unless you rate on a scale from slightly, to completely, odd. (Where does that leave me?) This is where this story begins because I recently had the unusual privilege of having an ex vampire turn up at my front door – just out of the blue.

She has a warm, toothy smile, minus the dental apparatus of her 70s incarnation, i.e. fangs, plus a predilection for plasma – when she was a star in classic cult faves such as The Vampire Lovers and Lust for a Vampire.

Animal magnetism

Antion and Elandra

Kirsten Lindholm transformed into Elandra Meredith after marrying her yoga teacher, former Eric Burden and The Animals guitarist, Vic Briggs – now yoga guru, Antion Meredith. Confused?

Let me simplify. A vampire married an Animal and became a powerful healer who currently prefers getting her teeth into Einstein.

Elandra likes the following quote a lot; ‘The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.  We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.'”

I say, this is a damn good point. It would be worthwhile for us all to take a permanent holiday from our “self”, all the mad head chatter that we engage in and the energy we consume in the practice of projecting bad feelings about ourselves into others. Then we could start to hook into what life is really all about; love, laughter and feeling fulfilled in every moment.

That's rubbish.
No it isn't. Don’t be obstructionist!
I’m not.
Yes you are.
You are just getting heavy and trying to bring me down. You always do that.
No I don’t, you just hate me because you are jealous. You’ve ruined my day…


DIY (Do it yourself)

No man is an island,
Entire of itself…

John Donne – another prudent personage, penned this poignant poem expressing how we are all inextricably connected and as such we need to be the best we can so that we can influence everyone else in the most positive of ways. To do this we may need to utilize various healing modalities.  However, we need to recognize that these modalities, be they modern or natural medicine, in and of themselves are not the things that heal us. We do it ourselves; our bodies actually know what to do.

Elandra has three important lessons for us all in regard to healing.

  1. You are your own healer
  2. Doubt is the enemy
  3. Love is the key to everything

Luckily we live in a time where an abundance of healing modalities are available. Our bookshelves are filled with self-help material, however, Elandra points out that there is a flaw in the self-help system, (and this is where we return to Einstein’s intuition theory) because we are actually not really reaching the depth of feeling we need to experience.

“Healing means evolving; feeling is healing and healing is feeling. The intuitive mind is doing its utmost to get our attention and it will do it through physical problems, so you need to be able to feel. Even scientists are recognizing this concept. In her book, Molecules of Emotion, Dr Candace Pert says that your subconscious is your body and your body is your subconscious.”

I talk to the trees, that’s why they put me away

My newest catchphrase is so many mistaken beliefs, so many illnesses. I would hazard to say that most of us have had experiences that we are attempting to recover from; conditioning that makes us believe we are not good or lovable enough as the beautiful beings that we are. When we operate from this perspective, life follows suit.  So how do we begin to feel our way into a better place? Elandra recommends talking to trees.

Our conversation went something like this;

“One day while learning to prune trees I got a message. Elandra, give up your need to know. Let your hands lead the way.”

“Where did the message come from,” I replied.

“A tree,” said Elandra.

“The tree actually spoke to you? Did it say, ‘Hi Elandra, it is a tree-mendous tree-t beyond be-leaf to branch out and meet you.’? “

“Trees love us, Jeanette,” she said trying to take the focus off my pathetic punning. “I once believed that nature loved to be left alone to grow wild. While working with friend and nature Kahuna, Ken Bernard, I decided to let go of my anxiety about not being able to prune as well as he did and suddenly the tree and I became one; I knew what to do.

“The tree communicated with me. It said, ‘Elandra, you pruned my old dead branches making room for the new to grow. We can all heal that way – by clearing and cleansing the old energy and beliefs from all levels, lifetimes and dimensions.’

“We rely on our minds for guidance; the head has become the controller. If we get ourselves – our egos and mistaken thinking out of the way, we can be in the joy and flow of life. The longest journey you’ll ever take is from your head to your heart,” says Elandra.

Bone idol

Some people have experienced the body’s capacity to heal the so called incurable. You might want to read my stories titled, “The walking quadriplegic” or Parking Parkinson’s for some examples. Elandra had first-hand experience of this when she smashed up the bones in her foot while running on a mountain top. She required surgery the following day. Nursing her pain in bed, her experience of spontaneous healing began when she felt a hand on her foot, although nobody was in the room. (No, not a vampire with a poor sense of direction.) The pain and swelling began to diminish.

“Later, a chiropractor friend visited and gently massaged the bones back into place. I had the feeling that they were being glued back on, and by 11pm I got up and walked normally. The next morning I cancelled the operation but went to the doctor to have more x rays. These proved that the bones had knitted back together perfectly. In spite of the before and after x rays, the doctor turned his back, walked away, without a word. The thing is that we are so conditioned to believe certain things about our body, that even in the face of total proof, it is unacceptable.

“I asked the chiropractor how she did it. She said, ‘I didn’t; you are always your own healer.’ She invited me to come and work with her at her clinic. Together we helped people perform miracle healing. People would come in with all kinds of illnesses, including brain tumors, and leave without them. We had x ray proof of all of these.”

Cancer healed in just a second

Recently a dying man sought Elandra’s help; riddled with cancer, body wasted, aura depleted, skin grey. During the session, Antion played his healing music (Not House of the Rising Sun!) and Elandra, listened to her inner voice and guides and allowed his challenged body to speak to her.

With her hands on his belly, the chi swirled deep within his intestines, organs and cells till his energy field began to brighten and lighten.

“I told him to make a loving look in his eyes and direct that to his kidneys because they are the ‘great guardians of the life force’ that supported him.  His skin actually turned pink in front of our eyes. Ten days later, I barely recognized him; he was tanned and had put on weight. His medical tests showed he was clear of cancer.

“I believe that when he recognized he had the power to act, that he did not have to die as a victim of a terrible disease, he was able to rally his body to heal,” says Elandra.

There’s no business like no show business

Modern life is a guru if you choose to take the lessons. It was a great teacher for Elandra, but dumping her show biz mates such as Tony Curtis and Roger Moore, leaving them crying into their Cote d’Azur, and embracing yoga, allowed her to begin to experience greater depths.

“Being an actress was wonderful but I had reached a point where I was fed up with the industry; the lies and ego that drove the rich and famous and took them to a place of no integrity. I could feel my own integrity slipping away and I did not like it.

Fan fare


My biggest fan

Elandra still gets fan mail 40 years on but she has forsaken the filmic 2D and incorporates those dimensions beyond our 3D reality.

“We’re here to learn to be conscious and free and simultaneously in the consciousness of third dimensional reality (which most people believe is the only one) and the other unseen dimensions where miracle healing can happen; where sickness, disease and broken bones are instantly cancelled.”

For more about what’s good for you download my ebook, Finding Direction, The vital guide to natural therapies.

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