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December 9, 2012General Health

“Birth is an act of love, just as conception is,” say the subjects of this story on how parenting can destroy the world. Oops, did I say destroy when I meant save?

Julie and François Gerland traverse the globe, presenting their transformative picture of the impact of parenting. I recently met them in Kauai. All the greatest people come here you know.

Relative calm

Although you might have the best intentions re being a mum or dad, you cannot help but pass on the legacy of those that came before you (excuse the pun) unless you’ve dealt with your issues.

For instance, being brought up on wacky British humour – The Young Ones, Men Behaving Badly and Absolutely Fabulous, has left its legacy on my offspring. Now she is an eccentric, spotty, lentil munching student who loves fart jokes, only wears ‘names, names, names’ – Gucci, Pucci and Stanley Tucci darling, and commits gratuitous acts of fake televisual violence while laughing uproariously. If I had only known better prior to conception!

Inner a-dolphin’

Statistics show that approximately 70% of the messages that a new person absorbs into their psyche during its most formative years – i.e. from conception till around age seven, are negative, disempowering and self-sabotaging. These mistaken beliefs guide our responses to life until the misery we create catapults us into the path of truth, heading for a core-belief nappy change.

One wonders if Hitler had not had a brutal, child beating father, and Goebbels’ peers hadn’t belittled and bullied him for his physical inadequacies, we might have avoided the horror of the Nazis.

Brutal, sociopathic dictators aside, growing up feeling inadequate, undervalued and unloved, or that love is conditional, will likely make us look for love in all the wrong places such as bad relationships, drugs, an excess of burgers with a half-life of uranium, or worse still, becoming self-help workshopaholics. So it makes sense that educating potential parents will ultimately help us all sleep better in our cots.


As parents, we lead by example. If you think your kids are acting up or acting weird, then just look in the mirror to understand why they are looking for love in damaging ways (and this is not about blame). We can prevent, change and even undo damage through addressing our own mistaken beliefs. Every action has a re-action.

The Gerlands are dedicated to helping parents and prospective parents find their truth; that is, reconnecting with who they truly are. Their advice, and I wholeheartedly concur, is that if you are considering having a baby sometime, be it this year or in 10 years, preparations should begin immediately.

“The conditions in which we live, from conception till some months after birth, decide our long term physical health, emotional security, our capacities and perceptions of life,” says Julie.

Taking the rap – eeee!

Julie and François

Tapping into our subconscious is the key; it’s where the gremlins reside. A variety of ways exist to achieve this. I took mine out for a ten course degustation meal of their choice. There’s nothing like getting sozzled with your inner extremist guerrillas to cement relations.  Any misbehaviour and I settle it with a slice of their favourite organic cacao pie. (The Middle East should take note!) Julie and Françoir’s approach is also very helpful.

“When people come to us to prepare, we determine what they would like to achieve. It might be as minimal as wanting to stop smoking or as extreme as sexual abuse and even physical torture at the hands of their own parents; unimaginable things.

“By accessing the subconscious through a light trance or relaxation state, changes can take place. The exercises get clients in contact with the deep messages their parents left about themselves and the world. We help them express what they would have loved to receive from their parents – then they are free to choose their own beliefs,” says Julie.

Conceiving good principles

Julie’s work came about because of her fascinating history. Born in Hong Kong, she had a strong spiritual awakening at 16 where she was shown that it was possible to live as one happy connected family on this planet.

In pursuit of this she began her good works; establishing a children’s centre in Hong Kong’s slums, exploring various forms of education, spirituality and natural therapies. However with all she had undertaken, there was the nagging thought that all of these things were not enough to change the world.

Discovering the book, “Education begins before birth”, by Master Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov, 30 years ago, changed her path.

“What struck me most was the part that said if we were to look after pregnant women, within two generations, or around 50 years, we could close our hospitals and prisons. I said this is what I have to do.”


Obviously it takes two to have a baby. However, traditionally the father has taken the back seat (No, that’s not about where the conception occurred.) François says fathers are disempowered by the system.

“Until a few years ago men did not have the right to be with their wives during the birth. Even now there’s a shy attempt at including fathers; on the condition that they do and say nothing. Part of our work with couples is to empower fathers.

“In most cases, birth could happen with no help from the outside; just the loving support that midwives, doulas and mothers can bring, and if the father had the role of ensuring the nest is safe, that would be incredible. Children would be born with powerful fathers,” says François.

Womb to move

Parenting is the most important job on the planet. The impact is felt from the outset. Babies all tucked up in the womb are bathed in their mother’s hormones and the placenta is like a transmitter, passing everything on.

“What the mother lives, thinks, feels and eats during pregnancy affects her hormones. This does not mean that the odd negative thought will damage them for life, but strong positive and negative emotions are experienced many times more intensely by the baby, who cannot rationalise what is happening.

“At this time the baby is discovering life’s ups and downs. When there is ongoing trauma and deep wounds, it will build its’ psyche in sympathy with what the mother is experiencing,” says François.

Total world domination

Let’s hope that healthy offspring achieve supremacy.  Julie and François’ work might be the saving of us all. To this end, the couple are closely associated with various United Nations committees globally, educating health professionals.

In March 2013 Julie will present a panel at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, in New York.

“The theme is preventing and eliminating all forms of violence towards women and girls. We are demonstrating the prenatal origins of that violence.  This is brand new for them,” says Julie.

Stay tuned for their upcoming campaign, The Global Prenatal Initiative, which follows on from the Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development.   This forms part of the 2014 UN International Year of the Family. Events will take place on every continent bringing to light the importance of the prenatal period. For more information contact

If you want to know more about what’s good for you, download my ebook, Finding Direction, The Vital Guide to Natural Therapies.

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