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  1. Michael Jackson, Pierce Brosnan, Robert Heiman and the ultimate state of being

    January 18, 2012General Health

    Helloha from Kauai!

    I thought I would give you a sense of the gloriousness of my new place of residence, the teeny island that is Kauai. I want you to appreciate that although it is small it is an epic member of the archipelago of eight Hawaiian Islands.

    Kauai has inspired nearly 90 filmic presentations. It is the place where “Fantasy Island”, Jurassic Park, Gilligan’s Island and The Man with the Golden Gun were filmed. Many movie stars have vacation homes here. The absolutely dishy Pierce Brosnan has crossed my path at the local coffee shop.

    From my home office abutting the jungle, with the mountains peaking over my shoulder, wild chickens and roosters meander past the window wall in a steady fowl stream.  I am open to the wonder and awe of the landscape and the essence of this incredible island.

    You will notice certain words are bolded in the previous paragraphs. This is not merely gratuitous. This is on purpose; as on purpose as my life is here in this foreign country (More about this in the blink of a wink). Read more…

  2. Paris Hilton can’t cook

    December 31, 2011General Health

    This is an important message for Paris Hilton – stop wasting your time being a social butterfly; it is completely shallow and adds no real value to yours or anyone else’s life, and please, for the sake of all Hilton-going holiday makers, take some cooking lessons.

    Paris, if you are reading this blog, I am writing this from your Hilton Waikoloa Village hotel on The Big Island of Hawaii where I am currently honeymooning with my brand new husband.

    The locals affectionately refer to this hotel as Disneyland, which is understandable because it has a mono rail and a kind of tug boat on a track for transportation around the estate. Read more…

  3. Can you get into your genes?

    November 26, 2011General Health

    Are you regularly called by the convenience of the ghastly local fast food outlet serving food shaped items containing no nutritional value whatsoever?

    Do you feed your family substances that are guaranteed to turn arteries into sludgeries?

    If so you might want to consider the following.

    Prior to birth, our body is bestowed with a unique physical blueprint and set of circumstances; a family and an environment. What we do with these is ultimately up to us; which brings me to television. Read more…

  4. Testosterone fuel and footy jokes

    August 28, 2011General Health

    It never ceases to amaze me that whenever you attend a function, be it a fund raiser, wedding, or a dinner to promote medical research, that the presenters, standing erect at lecterns to enlighten us about a topic of great interest,  only know jokes about fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-football. See, I can barely say the word. I hate it. Football wit, or “f-wit” as I like to call it, is about blokes who play with their balls. I mean really, can’t they see how fixated they are? Read more…

  5. Woman who runs with the chooks

    July 30, 2011General Health

    Why are we so stupid when it comes to looking after ourselves?  We smoke, drink too much, take drugs, eat junk food, don’t exercise, work too hard and then wonder why we get sick – and that was just my Saturday night.

    That old saying, we are what we eat is not quite on the mark. The truth is that we are both over consumers of food, and under-consumers and under-absorbers of nutrients, which is why so many people today know that they have feet but they are just unable to view them. Read more…

  6. Cult and culpability

    July 16, 2011General Health

    In the Hindu tradition an avatar is the incarnation of “god” into a human or animal  for the purpose of saving the day, righting wrongs, bringing enlightenment. I had a dog like that once. I knew she was incarnated by an ethereal being because she barked one night and scared away a burglar. When I told my daughter that Ganesh was infiltrated by an avatar, she said, “Don’t be ridiculous mum, she is only infiltrated by ticks. Anyway, you said you didn’t believe in dog.”

    I “bring up” avatars (not in the sense of being physically sick that is, although this is a kind of avatar that does make me want to projectile eliminate), rather because I had an experience with them recently that I want to alert you about. Read more…

  7. Take AIM with spiritual technology

    June 22, 2011General Health

    If you are an “urban average” person (western dude) like me, then it is likely that you are either not all that well, teetering on the verge of a disastrous condition or you have a chronic or life threatening illness. This is the view of Stephen Lewis, founder and creator of the AIM Program (All Inclusive Method). AIM was designed to rid us of our hereditary or karmic propensities to manifest a mass of maladies.

    Stephen had checked out my condition prior to our interview. He said that just like approximately 92% of people in the urban world I am at risk of developing malignancies in various parts of my body through my mother’s side, and heart disease from my father’s side, plus a few other nasties. So much to look forward to eh?

    He rated my life force (in AIM terms this refers to my healing capacity) as being between 0-1 (that’s lower than whale excrement!) when it should be 100. This is apparently also common to people of my ilk, i.e. us fast paced, urban stress heads; and frankly it’s not surprising.

    So, what do I aim to do about it I hear you ask?

    Now for the good bit because hope is being served up on a tray in the state of Nevada, USA. Yes, surrounded by the garish facilities that are Las Vegas, is a program that can remove all the dodgy programming we inherit from our ancestry. Read more…

  8. No, no, no gastro

    June 1, 2011General Health

    You don’t ever want to say so long to your colon because it contains about 70% of your immune system. You will know this if you read one of my earliest blogs where I wrote about how important it is to have good guts.  Or, you might just know it because you take a serious interest in your intestines. And let’s face it, who doesn’t?

    Recently I was lucky enough to receive some cutting edge research hot off the microbial media telling me that ingesting the right gut bacteria can reduce fever brought on by acute gastroenteritis caused by the infection of the norovirus.

    Lady Kismet emerged from some other dark recesses at around the same time this research came to light. I met with a vegetarian friend of mine for a bizarre dinner. We hadn’t intended that it be bizarre but the night had a will of its own. He and I popped into a rather squalid looking Chinese restaurant – or perhaps it was third world chic, it was dark and hard to know. It had been a long day, there were beers in the fridge, so we stayed.

    The sweet waitress, spoke as much English as I spoke Cantonese (nil/nil), sat us down with the menus, and what was the cuisine de jour, but Intestine hotpot and Vagitarian options. Eating there was one more gutsy act in the life of your favourite health blogger! Read more…

  9. The walking quadriplegic – seeing the end result

    May 24, 2011General Health

    Be careful what you wish for. Visualization – mental imagery, is a well researched method of performance improvement for sporting, business and intellectual pursuits. It can actually increase your physical strength. This is something that athletes have practiced for decades.

    Science has proven that imagining a movement activates the same nerve pathways from the brain that are used to execute that movement.

    The technique has been particularly useful on the odd occasion I have found myself in a country pub playing snooker. Some of you readers abroad might not know about the regulations governing behaviour in Aussie  pubs, i.e. if you do not pot a single ball you have to drop your dacks (trousers), so this visualisation method has been a boon to me in the face of such stringent protocols.

    Picture the Warrnambool Pub (Coastal village in Victoria), circa 1979, where a big gathering of blokes n beers stood around a billiard table where I was hanging off the end of a very slippery cue. I never actually potted a ball, but I executed a nifty visual of myself running like the wind at the end of the game.

    Read more…

  10. Letting off gas

    May 1, 2011General Health

    Do not be fooled by the slightly provocative title of this story. It is not about intestinal gas (the emissions that result from a big night at Taco Bills). It is about another unspeakable gas that exists in many homes, which makes us sometimes blame illness on innocent sources.

    The microscopic world holds hazards that could make us sicker than a Benny Hill comedy sketch. The hidden nasties I am referring to live in the very fabric of the buildings we inhabit. If you have an intractable health issue it might be wise to check your house for toxins. Read more…

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