Mother Nature and Johnny’s Great Depps

February 25, 2015General Health

A giggle

I discovered on a recent tour of Kauai’s magnificent Allerton Gardens, that Pirates of the Caribbean 4 was filmed there. If I’d known sooner I’d have hitched a Jane-like ride and vined it over to plumb the depps of Johnny. Instead, I trod the jungly path of the scrummy Cap’n Jack.

Jokes aside (I have to say this coz my absolutely dishy husband reads my blog), a couple of hours in exotic gardens is delightful, but it’s also really just typical of this island.

For instance, even driving down my street is a visual feast. You’ll experience exceptional Hanalei Bay views, frogs, chooks, pigs, boids (birds – slipped into “American”), the odd billionaire, and, rumor has it, that between the two peaks of Mount Hihimanu (sounds like a giggle), is a landing pad for aliens. For your edification, Hihimanu is 4,423 feet – that’s a lot of feet. I’m surprised it’s still there; that it hasn’t hoofed it for a change of scenery. But this story is not a travel log.

This ship has sailed

Pirate shipRegarding the relevance of this to health, you know that our physical body is made up of the same ingredients as nature, several parts carbon, oxygen and nitrogen, and 45 parts alcohol…hic! Don’t get funny with me! Like I pointed out to a very dumb friend of mine; alcohol’s a natural substance. It’s just fermented fruit or potatoes. So she grabs a handful of grapes, puts them in a glass and starts guzzling. I said, mate, you have to wait!

Because we’re so bound up and dependent on the natural world, if we lose that connection, we lose some of what and who we are; which primes us for dis-ease.

Most of you readers live in cities. I did until 10 years ago. We deal with the burden of unreasonable work demands, over or under eating, and sadness, anxiety and depression (depression affects approximately 120 million people world-wide). Rates of illness are increasing and plague the majority. Probably most of our “conditions” and problems can be attributed to disconnection from being intimately involved in nature and knowing our true nature.

When we slip our moorings and do things because they’re expected or required, a niggling pain may begin; an emotional pain. We are less than happy because we’re not being true to our self and our needs. The upshot is that unhappiness creates chemical changes in the physiology, which long term means the body is constantly trying to affect a state of homeostasis. Then “boom”, things get out of hand and you have arthritis, or chronic headaches, or commit acts of extreme violence.

Bad waitressWhich brings me to a recent restaurant experience here on Kauai. The food’s quite good – a rarity – but the service is inexplicable. On informing the waitress that I actually enjoy eating at the same time as my husband rather than 30 minutes later, she replied,

“That’s just the way we do things here.”

My true self beyond the after affects of several marriages and frizzy hair wanted to say, “Poor dear, she’s mentally deficient. However, my deeply affected by life self slapped her, tied her to the chair and force fed her Cal’s cold sausages and chips.

What came first, the carrot or the can?

Watch a blade of grass and you realize that it just ‘is’. It’s not trying to be a rock or a flower or a pair of trousers. Being in nature can help us remember our selves, and that our food is not grown in cans.

4202803_s[1]We’re all having experiences every moment of every day.  The way we interpret them depends mostly on our early lives, perhaps even past lives too, who knows. But if we’re all having different responses to the same events, who’s to say what’s right? Therefor, what is real?

If you were at a party and saw someone spill red wine on the carpet then walk away as if it didn’t happen, you might think they’re selfish and ill-mannered. I might think they’re blind drunk. What difference does it make? The event is the event. Our responses are just thought patterns. We see everything through a lot of filters. The truth lies beneath them, beneath the mind chatter and  well nurtured fears and anxieties.

In the eye

Are we like the male stereotype joke; if you want to hide something from your husband, put it under his nose. Are we hiding in plain view is the question?

AlienNothing is as it seems. We slightly alien, foot of Hihimanu dwellers might look like we’re having the ideal life on this teeny island stuck in the middle of the Specific Ocean, but Mama Nature’s energy can kick your arse in its relentless effort to make you recognize your mistaken thinking. Both my cheeks are badly bruised.

Make time for nature every day. Walk in it, put your hands and feet in it, even if you’re not a gardener, or have no garden to speak of, a couple of pot plants will do, or go to the park and start smelling the roses so you don’t prematurely push up daisies.

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  1. Your writing has tremendous wit, combined with knowledge and thoughts to ponder and move forward. Delightful. Mahalo

    Comment by Malia — July 9, 2015 @ 6:55 pm

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