I believe in Costco

April 23, 2016General Health

Off your trolley

6991950_sAh Costco, once, while domiciled in the land of the emu and the roo, I refused to step through your holy rolladoors and worship you.  No homage would I pay to you multinational purveyor of spirit, wine, food, home wares and office supplies.

But now that I dwell on a small island, I live in gratitude for your toilet paper, so cheap by the gross. And “praise be” for the evil temptations of your chocolate bark because it caused me to crash, belly first, into the trolley of Life Success Facilitator, Brigitte Esswein, one of the cleverest people I’ve ever met while nose down in a bulk pack of frozen peas. It’s my firm belief that we will always be the best of friends, and not because I genetically merged with her peas.

Truth, justice and the American way

To have a belief is to know the unknowable with great certainty, which is nice for us, isn’t it?  Truth is highly emotive and subjective.  For instance, someone who believes in crystals might say; may the quartz be with you.  Is it any more meaningful than walk with Jesus?  Or does it indicate the same kind of dependency?

This is where Brigitte comes in with super enlightened guidance.  Her beliefs are firmly rooted in the concept of clarity, which she likens to a clear blue sky unmarred by the heavy clouds of a belief system; the very human consciousness.

She says, “The clouds covering the blue sky is like the mind’s repetition of beliefs.  When our mind is in the “clouds” we forget that clarity, like the blue sky, is always there.

Atoms, carbon, energy, it’s the stuff that we and everything else in the universe consists of.  But we think we’re a unique bunch of bods who go about life bumping into each other when the need arises.

“The intrinsically held belief is that we are separate individuals, therefor not really connected to life. Often that’s a lonely and unlovable place that makes us feel like something is missing. We search for comfort to fill the void; food, alcohol, money, sexual excesses and relationships, like they are going to complete us. However, we just end up feeling more desperate and unfulfilled because we’re looking for the answer outside ourselves,” says Brigitte.

Don’t look down!

This is Psychiatristwhere it gets really interesting, because there’s all kinds of craziness going on deep in the bowels of your mind that you don’t even know about. When a client’s suffering, Brigitte, through dialogue and intuition, becomes aware of the contraction or heaviness somewhere in their body and/or mind. Being contracted means there’s a lack of energy flow through our mental, emotional and physical systems.  A person has maintained a kind of ‘holding-on’ pattern, which is holding on to beliefs for dear life.  Once the source of these beliefs is identified and questioned, a profound shift takes place.  The process releases and transforms the pain of memories that cause us to feel separate from ourselves and life.

“We awaken from the dream of a world we believed was reality and that we identified with and recognize that what we were longing and searching for has always been with us. The bad dream gives way to truth, clarity, love, peace and a sense of wholeness,” says Brigitte.

Renewal of life

Brigitte Esswein

Brigitte Esswein

Brigitte has 35 years’ experience as a counselor and life coach working with people from all walks of life; couples, individuals, homemakers and children, business entrepreneurs, artists and CEOs. One client, a middle aged woman, had been raped when she was 16.  She carried the experience all her life. She cried when she talked about it; her body held the trauma. With the client’s permission, Brigitte guided her to reexamine the event.

“We looked at what really happened in this moment and discovered that the perpetrator was her cousin, that he was totally drunk, not cognizant of what he was doing, and unable to recognize her.  The event was never acknowledged and there was no apology because he did not remember it happening. To know that he didn’t commit the act consciously made a huge difference to her.  She also saw that she didn’t take care of herself in a moment where she knew things were getting out of hand and she could have gotten out of there.

“This realization took the charge out of the event, allowing her to see a different point of view, which freed her of shame, therefor she could negotiate life with greater confidence.  Forgiving herself and him released the trauma in her body so she didn’t re-experience it on a daily basis; what she did to herself was much crueler than the original situation.  This is not about right and wrong, it’s only about the truth.”

Oh god

21976595_sWe’re odd creatures. You’re probably asking yourself, why god made us like this. The answer is obvious, god is a sparky, yes, she’s an electrician and she wired us that way. And she did a really good job; that wiring is a bugger to budge. We hang onto traumas and strangely enough, we don’t want to let go of the belief systems they have caused because it’s safer. Yes, that’s right, it’s safer to hang onto the fact that we think we are rubbish, rather than know our true natures and the beauty and potential within.

“Our security system works like this; if I don’t open my heart and don’t feel too much I can survive it. Then over the years, the disconnection and pain of the trauma grows, creating patterns in our relationship with life that we unconsciously repeat,” says Brigitte.

“When we’re in a contracted state, the mind unconsciously looks for more pain to actually avoid feeling joy, peace and aliveness because it feels unfamiliar. The search for happiness is a constant struggle because we can’t help but reject it. Letting go of or being without these beliefs seems threatening, uncomfortable or, ‘not me’.”

Born to what?

AlienSo the whole miserable story goes on, searching for peace and joy, then rejecting it, then complaining that nothing goes right, until one day, one exclaims, “Enough!” and the search begins to find peace in a bottle, a syringe, a mountain climb, a Hindu goddess, a guru,  or spiritual communion with a Pleiadian.  The missing link is well known to Sodyou Ringpulhayday, a hungry Buddhist monk who ordered a pizza for his dinner. The pizza guy took his $20. “What about my change?” said the monk. “Change must come from within,” says pizza guy, which is just like something Brigitte would say.

Kauai became home three years ago but prior to this Brigitte worked as a licensed midwife and counselor in her native land, Germany, then journeyed to the US to experience  life in a spiritual community. She stayed for 17 years .

“In the community we focused on the teachings of world religions, karma, reincarnation and ascension. There was a lot of chanting, praying and teachings, so our hearts and minds were full of explanations, the masters, their purpose and hierarchies. It wasn’t just this world that needed to be understood, there were many other worlds as well.

“When I decided to leave that community, it was a harmonious experience to put all the teachings and rituals away. The most significant realization was that having something in front of me to strive for, good karma and ascension, like a carrot dangling, took me out of what is here right now.”

Long dead in the saddle

SkeletonhorseShow me someone who doesn’t suffer and I’ll show you a dead person.   Brigitte says that as long as we believe our thoughts, we suffer.  Life happens, but the amount of suffering is contingent on how we relate to events.

And, here’s what you’re dying to know; the key to a successful life.  It’s not about earning millions or celebrity and beauty – although I’m up for all that.  I could be just as miserable as a multi-millionairess who looks way younger than her slightly in excess of 45 years age bracket (hie me to the plastic surgeon), it’s about knowing yourself, free of past projections.

If you have an issue that you can’t quite budge, then pop on some chaps, saddle up and ride into the life of Brigitte Esswein.  She’s the “point” and “flank” rider, leading your herds of beliefs into the cattle stalls of truth. (Help, I’ve gone cowboy!)  I can tell you from up close and personal experience that she’s a miracle worker.  She cracked the nut of your favorite blogger, yes me, with great love, compassion and skill.  No, I’m not going to tell you about all my rather exciting psychoses, but I will tell you that she helped me see some deep unconscious patterns that were making my life very difficult. This changed my life.

The secret of revolutionizing a hardened delusionist

“My work is  like being with a beautiful wild horse trying to escape a corral.  It’s my joy to calm the horse and help it see the lush meadow it stands in right now, and know that it is safe and filled with beauty.”

Girls, boys and neigh-sayers, know this, the mind constantly throws life lines to the truth.  Just look around and see what is reflected back at you. For instance, while negotiating the mysterious nooks and isles of Costco, I must have had an unconscious yearning to find a really good guide into clarity.

George BurnsGeorge Burns said, “The secret of a good sermon is to have a good beginning and a good ending, and to have the two as close together as possible.” So before I say goodbye, know this, it’s most likely that what you think you believe is not your truth, someone gave it to you.

Potentially, Buddha, Mohammed, Jesus and my hairdresser were holy blokes. (My hairdresser thinks he knows everything) but we don’t really know and because someone wrote those stories, does it make them true?  The fact that millions of people have clung to them for thousands of years doesn’t necessarily mean, wow, this is really good shit. The truth is never what it seems.

So my advice to truth seekers is that there’s no place like home. Take your inner Mohammed, Buddha, Pleiadian, hairdresser or Jesus for a nice cup of chai and get real.

Want to know more about Brigitte and the Clarity Works process, book a session or workshop, Click here (www.clarityworks1.com) or call 808 855  8456.




  1. On fire Jeanette. It had everything.
    Good to hear about your life changing.
    What a find

    Comment by Brian James — April 24, 2016 @ 7:45 pm

  2. Insightful work. Well done Jeanette!!
    Exploring who we are and why is scary. It much easier to stay numb and in the pain. You’ve given me some good work to do.

    Love and hugs to you and Cal.

    Comment by Leonard — April 25, 2016 @ 1:45 am

  3. You write with such clarity, wit and depth. A lot for me to think about. Need a long walk on the beach with you to discuss this. Hugs, MC

    Comment by Malia Crain — April 27, 2016 @ 6:54 pm

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