Having internal affairs (Confessions of a workshop-aholic)

March 13, 2013General Health

Your inner fish

Kauai is self-help city. Once I found nerve-ana by dropping the odd benzodiazepine, but now that I am a Kauaian, I can workshop everything; my inner witch, bitch and fish (from when I was just beyond primordial).

Actually, I’m hoping someone will offer a double course in fitness and faux pas because after I have put my foot in it, I’ll be able to leg it out of the vicinity faster. Being an all Aussie girl, living in a new-age haven has its challenges.

Letting loose the juice

Recently, at a crystal and carrot juice meditation, I asked a “soul brother” how he was. He replied, “Infinite”. I ask you, how does one respond to that? Incredulous, I replied, “fetal, man”.

And at my first (and I might add last) goddess group, the women linked pinks and invoked Goddess Dazeofourlives. They pledged their eternal gratefulness to the mood enhancing qualities of matching shoes, bags and gloves and entered a state of ewe-fouraya. (That’s where you’re wrapped in a woolly blanket of love with four other people.) I thought they were having a laugh, so I laughed – out loud, but they didn’t. Believe me; I couldn’t make this stuff up.

Better to be a sovereign leader

AlayaHowever, one workshop I took that was really and truly excellent was called, Sovereignty of Love and today’s story is about this.

It was given by my five element acupuncturist and Ho’oponopono practitioner, Alaya DeNoyelles. There is nothing outlandish (not a reference to the alien landing pad in the mountain across the road) about her practices or her workshops, which I might add, are actually life changing.

Alaya teaches us to return to love, the place where god, the divine, our true nature resides.

Ho’ponopono is the ancient Hawaiian healing art for restoring harmonious relationships. “Ho’o” means to cause something to happen, “pono” means balance, goodness, harmony. (Have you noted how amazing I am? Here just a year and already I am practically effluent in Hawaiian.)

A new, non-looney tune

Alaya trained in this method with the legendary Dr Hew Len, but her own intriguing life experience took the art to a new level; one of oscillation and vibration.

“I use the analogy of a tuning fork. Everything in the body, and indeed the universe, is vibration; our physical being, our thoughts,memories and feelings.  Some vibrations cause pain because they are dissonant, dense or stagnant. Because of my acupuncture Tuning forktraining, I relate this to stuck qi (chi), or stuck love that needs to be freed.

“Through simple methods we can learn to dialogue with stuck emotions and invite them to come back home to a harmonious place, to resonate at a higher frequency; the frequency of love.

“The first step is to create a relationship between our conscious and subconscious; the vulnerable inner child who has been cloaked by the experience of suffering, and the adult. We become the “witness” to our subconscious, which means we are completely conscious and present. Through a process called “harmonizing”, peace and balance can be restored to our somewhat tumultuous existences,” says Alaya.

In her book, The Sovereignty of Love, Coming home with Ho’oponopono, Alaya writes that, “Our illusion of separation from love is the root of our suffering.” Aint that the truth! Our ego’s are naughty characters that live inside our heads and tell us all kinds of untruths; fundamentally, that we are not loveable or acceptable as we are.

For moi, Alaya’s teachings have been the raspberry sauce on the grain fed, organic pork chop of  my “so-far-over-40-that-I’m-over-50” being.  Taking responsibility for our “stuff”, derived from our inappropriate programming, means we have the opportunity to heal those stored memories.

Put another way, if you want to understand why things are going right or wrong in your life, simply view them as a mirror reflecting your own beliefs and perspectives.

DeNile, a  long and perilous river

Ignoring emotions and feelings can make us very sick.

“People say we shouldn’t have bad feelings. We are taught to “rise above” and push things away.  The opposite is true; our difficult feelings also deserve empathy and compassion. By doing this we return the bad feelings to a place of love and harmony. Then we can experience what it’s like to be free, rather than living from the perspective of painful memories stored in the subconscious that become the dashboard of our life,” says Alaya.

War, it ain’t nothing, but a heartbreaker. War, friend only to the undertaker

(There will be a prize for the person who guesses who wrote the above lyrics.)

If I could shout one thing from the top of Mount Hihimanu  (Hihimanu, sounds like a giggle) it would be stop fighting!

War on disease? NO!! Wrong.

9422579_sFight to rid yourself of your diverticulitis, cancer, arthritis, diabetes, constant pain, ingrown toe nails, failing eyesight, overly loving cricket, propensity towards idiocy? NO!

Make peace with all of your sides, good or not so good. Fighting only creates more disharmony.

The question is, are you ready to give up the old ways? Now it won’t take a ra-ra-you-can-do-anything-attract-all-the-money-and-chicks/guys-you-want workshop. It will take some conscious and serious recognition of the fact that we create our own reality. Find any way you can to do it; psychiatrist, psychologist, ayahuasca - or enroll in a Sovereignty of Love workshop in Kauai. (Next one is sometime in July.)

Workshopaholics unite

Alaya presents workshops across the world but for the first time she is offering a retreat; September 2013. It’s extra special because it’s on Kauai, an island that resonates at a high frequency, and where her terrific book Sovereignty of Love was “downloaded” from spirit atop a mountain called Sleeping Giant. The various exercises and experiences will teach you how to actualize a healthier reality plus provide opportunities to indulge in creative arts, hikes, pampering, journeys to the ocean, sacred sites and gardens. Contact Alaya for workshop details.)

And for more about what’s good for you download my ebook, Finding Direction, The vital guide to natural therapies.


  1. If I could I would love to go to Alaya’s workshop.
    I always enjoy reading your blogs Jeanette but I must say that your puns are becoming ever not outrageous.
    I finish with the last verse of one of my poems written about seven hears ago

    When these things have been seen, assessed and valued
    And each set in its place, I ask will it
    Be understood that all I had to tell you
    Was “love’s the only thing that’s worth a spit”.

    Comment by Anthony Cable — March 13, 2013 @ 11:24 pm

  2. Great article Jeanette…you have a lovely way of combining curative with humor that makes addressing a complex issue so palpable! I always enjoy everything you write.

    Comment by John — March 14, 2013 @ 7:47 am

  3. You are a brilliantly funny writer… I thoroughly enjoyed that piece.

    Comment by Mimsy — March 14, 2013 @ 3:46 pm

  4. Jeanette what an informative,complex topic combined with tremendous creative thinking & humor. I am a presently a client of Alaya`s and can cheerfully say that, “I have never been more filled with joy since I started my sessions with her.” I just finished her book, Sovereignty of Love, ” and feel that there is so much more to practice and strive for to create an even more harmonious and loving life and world.
    Mahalo, Malia

    Comment by Malia — March 15, 2013 @ 7:27 am

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