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July 8, 2013General Health

On core

Cass Phelps 2 (2)Avid followers of my blog (which you are of course because you’re discerning and think I am the wisest, wittiest gal going) will know that I get the best people to unravel my complex bodily and emotional functions. Ow, shit, just got my big toe wedged in my base chakra. Note to self; no writing while practicing kundalini asanas.

Today I want to thank a man who shook me to the core of my being and helped me strip back more layers of my yuckiest complexities; you know, that ego, the voice inside that makes us truly resistant to life, deep peace and happiness? Yes, Cass Phelps, mover and shaker across Hawaii, USA and Europe, sent me plummeting deep into my abysses through a practice I like to call “rolling around on the floor, making strange noises”. Cass puts it more technically; he says we dive into our biological intelligence.

This is what you’ll typically hear in his Awake-OneProcess classes;

“Come from a place connected to gravity, space and the flow of love. Let the intelligence of your body guide your movement; if you can bear the pleasure of it. And, don’t be afraid to use your voice.”

Us; (Think monkey) “Ooh, ooh, ooh, ah, ah, ah!”


Reptile manWatching Cass break down the “cultural” conditioning of his body and “dive” into a movement, is like watching a primordial being emerge from a cocoon, cell by cell, he’s reptilian; trans-human.

I’m not quite at the stage where I can morph my body like he does but I can tell you that there were moments where I performed feats like perching on one hip while the rest of me pointed skyward.

As limbs, sinews, muscles unfurl, feelings are released, as are emotions. People report reconnection with their birth and experiences in the womb. At one point I felt that my body had connected with the stars and the universe, that the boundaries between us had disappeared. (No drugs were involved.)

Make like a cliff and drop over

P1010213These practices came in especially handy one day when Cass fell off a cliff.

“I was hiking. My friend recommended removing my shoes because it was slippery and I’d have better grip with bare feet.  As he spoke I lost my footing and began falling backwards. I attempted to grab onto a root about 20 feet down realizing that it was my last  chance before plain sailing 30 or more feet onto a pile of rocks. The root wasn’t connected.

“Because of my years exploring the meditation of movement and healing, some primal internal impulse caused me to surrender to the moment; a huge force came up, time slowed, and I landed on my head. There was no pain. An incredible pink light shot out of me as my body back flipped me again onto my head. As I lay on the rocks spinal cord fluid leaked out of my nose, my body began moving from the core (mid-section muscles), and rather than my system collapsing from injury and fragmentation, waves and ripples of healing movement and energy spiraled through me,” says Cass.

Core blimey!

OperationDespite the fact that his shoulder was torn from  its socket, and the possibility that he may have shattered a part of his lower spine, Cass was not airlifted to a hospital and placed under the supervision of surgeons in a spinal ward. He insisted that his mate get him back to the hotel room.

“In the core of my being I felt that if I went to a hospital they’d take a snapshot of my experience and call it a life changing injury. My inner knowing said otherwise. So I lay for 16 hours in a biomorphic state. My mind dropped to a sub atomic level; a place before time and form. I experienced my bones, my whole body, as frequency and energy. My mind entered the bones and they pulled themselves back into their coherent state, unifying places where there was separation, pain or disconnection.”

The full extent of Cass’s injuries were not medically confirmed, although an x ray taken years later showed a fracture in the vertebrae. What’s important about this is the knowledge that we have this power within us. Although I don’t recommend that you try this technique without adequate training if you fall from a great height!

Now here’s the real cliff hanger…
Cliff 2Don’t you just love the metaphor of the cliff? Imagine the edginess of all guys called Cliff, faced with the daily challenge of living their name, like a policeman called Constable Lawless, Dr Better, who tended to me once in Australia (Only once – he didn’t live up to his name), or a Mrs Fanny Paper, a bossy nurse from Boston. (She’ll wipe the smile from your face!)

Anyway, back to the cliff hanger; was this frightening event a warning to Cass, a message from dog…er, god (lysdexic omemnt), to stay on the right path, or experience instant karma and slip down a 50 foot ravine to almost certain painful, twitchy death, only to be consumed by vultures and hyenas within 45 minutes? Or, was it an initiation to embed deep and penetrating proof of the power of his life’s work? (Note: Hope you’re “digging” this injection of exciting melodrama.) Stay tuned for the next exciting episode.

The next exciting episode

SauceYes, you guessed it. At the time of the near fatal accident, Cass was not in full alignment with his life path.

Cass says, “When I slipped off that cliff I realized I was not trusting the source of life, allowing my inner vision to be my true vision, rather I still saw the world through the lens of dualism and fear. In that moment I learned that I really could trust my intuition and the healing work, that my deeper eternal knowing could guide my life.”

On days when we are off out path, we might trip, have an argument, fall down a ravine, or crash the car. Some call them accidents. I’d say misalignments. For instance, last week a friend suggested I trek with her through a nice forest after a big night out. A sign said, “Café, just up the hill”, but the café failed to materialize and we were just up the hill. Oh wow, I thought, someone moved the cafe!

After throwing a full blown tantrum – fists banging earth, yelling at trees, I decided to take responsibility for having yet another sydlexic momnet (Never tell me to go right or left, just point). Clearly I was taking  the wrong trail for a hangover cure. A spasm of common sense struck; I back tracked to the car and drove to Bubba Burgers to treat my hangover like any normal person with a double cheese, egg, bacon, pineapple, mayo, ketchup and beef fiesta.

Message here; remain true, embrace the sauce, and cliffs will turn into marshmallow roads.

How to look like an alien and feel like a kingess or kingRoyal fam

Many of us know a world that stems from a place of lack, guilt, shame, sadness or fear because that’s our learned coping mechanism, our defense system. Day and night it runs a projection of our identity and story. Moving and spiraling is medicine for our whole being because it invites our biological intelligence to resolve our “human” experiences breath by breath. Eventually our history may be cleared from the body. It can feel liberating and intensely nurturing and at times confronting as the defense structure protests at our authentic self, staging a coup de grâce.

“The movement practice follows the organic spirals or fractals, the flows of all matter, including water and energy. This loving intelligence preserves life and constantly gives. In the giving is the receiving, just as the heart pulses and sends blood spiraling around our veins, taking it away and returning it,” says Cass.

When life struggles dissipate, and we see ourselves as beings of love, this radiates to the world and changes everything. If Cass is anything to go by then bring it on! This man-being radiates love from every pore and is an example of how greatness can emerge from suffering.

“Through my childhood there was trauma and learning disabilities to contend with so I developed a lot of defensiveness. I survived it by going inwards and letting the intelligence of life hold me and guide my breath and movement. This is how my work began. It was a way for me to integrate life.”

Are you with culture or with yourself?

Cultures deliver all sorts of misinformation such as: Look to a deity for truth; the doctor, priest, president, teacher knows best. Men are in charge, women are subservient. Sex is dirty. Put yourself last and others first. Swim with all the fish or be an outcast. Fight against the forces of darkness, etc. These attitudes disconnect us from who we really are. I mean, if you enter a bookstore and ask someone for the self-help section, isn’t it defeating the purpose?

Our body didn’t come from a belief system. This was imposed. The result is a world sicker than ever.

Cass PhelpsPrior to plummeting over the precipice, Cass got cultural and went to Paris, Milan and New York to be a fashion model. That occupation was soon placed in the spiritually and financially unrewarding box and he pursued his passion for art and spirituality and moved to California where he came upon the Continuum class. This was the work of Emilie Conrad, who devised a sound and movement practice that dissolves constraints, spinal cord injuries and advanced neurological disorders. Emily’s technique provided a container for Cass to explore the meditation of movement and healing more deeply.

Cass took the work further by creating a space where one can enter what he calls “the rest point” or “the eternal embrace”; a zero point where spiritual and biological processes merge to create healing and renewal.

Cass offers workshops and is willing to travel to where the demand is. He also works with individual clients.

“One client was wheel chair bound due to brain damage. Although told she would never talk, walk or pick up a fork again. Prior to our work she had nine years of therapies and had reached a plateau. Through our work together she was able to regain most of her functions. She still has some physical challenges such as double vision so she cannot drive or roller skate yet, but she walks, dances and even performs in plays.”

“I invite clients to connect into their body intuitively, to tell me where it needs to work from, coming from inspiration rather than my imposed values and ideas. Pain is information; it is felt, received and allowed to become breathe and movement, which turns into positive sensation. An unraveling happens and a deeper intelligence can guide the healing process”

For more information about Cass’s work and BioTune sound healing music – Awake One. And to further your own healing journey download my ebook, Finding Direction, The Vital Guide to Natural Therapies.



  1. Great capturing of Cass’s essence through the limitation of words!

    Comment by Baba Yaga — July 8, 2013 @ 7:03 am

  2. Interesting Stuff. So glad I met you, Jeanette. Otherwise I would never have come into contact with all this stuff.

    Comment by Anthony Cable — July 8, 2013 @ 7:21 am

  3. Love this story Jeanette,

    Comment by Robyn Thompson — July 8, 2013 @ 8:11 am

  4. Engaging and inspiring…I am ready to take the plunge. Thank you for sharing with such wit and charm. You are a light! xo

    Comment by Idly — July 8, 2013 @ 12:17 pm

  5. Cass’ work is profound and the real deal. And, the best thing is that he is a humble instrument… it all came through his own inner listening and through his personal experience. Another plus that I have discovered is that the Awake-One body of work is all about becoming self-referential. No guru, no giving of our innate inner authority away or any other traps. The beauty of this work and Cass’ guidance is that he holds a safe and loving container based in the Eternal and integrity. Amazing.

    Comment by L — July 25, 2013 @ 2:49 pm

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