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  1. I believe in Costco

    April 23, 2016General Health

    Off your trolley

    6991950_sAh Costco, once, while domiciled in the land of the emu and the roo, I refused to step through your holy rolladoors and worship you.  No homage would I pay to you multinational purveyor of spirit, wine, food, home wares and office supplies.

    But now that I dwell on a small island, I live in gratitude for your toilet paper, so cheap by the gross. And “praise be” for the evil temptations of your chocolate bark because it caused me to crash, belly first, into the trolley of Life Success Facilitator, Brigitte Esswein, one of the cleverest people I’ve ever met while nose down in a bulk pack of frozen peas. It’s my firm belief that we will always be the best of friends, and not because I genetically merged with her peas. Read more…

  2. Mother Nature and Johnny’s Great Depps

    February 25, 2015General Health

    A giggle

    I discovered on a recent tour of Kauai’s magnificent Allerton Gardens, that Pirates of the Caribbean 4 was filmed there. If I’d known sooner I’d have hitched a Jane-like ride and vined it over to plumb the depps of Johnny. Instead, I trod the jungly path of the scrummy Cap’n Jack.

    Jokes aside (I have to say this coz my absolutely dishy husband reads my blog), a couple of hours in exotic gardens is delightful, but it’s also really just typical of this island.

    For instance, even driving down my street is a visual feast. You’ll experience exceptional Hanalei Bay views, frogs, chooks, pigs, boids (birds – slipped into “American”), the odd billionaire, and, rumor has it, that between the two peaks of Mount Hihimanu (sounds like a giggle), is a landing pad for aliens. For your edification, Hihimanu is 4,423 feet – that’s a lot of feet. I’m surprised it’s still there; that it hasn’t hoofed it for a change of scenery. But this story is not a travel log. Read more…

  3. The Monk Keys

    February 5, 2015General Health

    Bike path to heaven

    A bare chested, long haired chap bikes daily along Kauai’s only highway, wearing only a wild ecstatic smile and shorty shorts.
    Mr BeanHe’s biking the stairway to heaven, arms outstretched as if bidding some universal force to beam him up; but at least he’s not beheading anyone, right?

    Which brings me to extremism. Extremism outrages me; maniacal religious sects, overly-zealous zumba, far right and extreme left. I prefer the death defying middle ground where I perform thrill seeking activities like extreme baking – all my cakes hover on a knife edged precipice of charred and flat. Exciting huh?


    My newest friend, Brother David Steindl-Rast, is a more judiciously spiritual Benedictine monk who practices extreme gratitude. I asked him why he thought people were religiously over the top, their dogmas and atrocities doing the dance macabre in the glare of YouTube – something we’re all trying to make sense of. Read more…

  4. Love in the time of dystonia


    Layla Love with David Wolfe

    As a journalist, I’ve worked with many photographers. Their cameras are their third eyes, capturing the souls of people and places. One came to dinner last Thanks Giving.

    Enigmatic feminist photographer, Layla Love, arrived when we were well into the frivolity of wine, turkey and other vegetables.

    It was an “oopsy daisy” night because I plonked a gobbler on a table full of vegetarians. ‘Hang it’, I thought, and had one “frivol” too many. So Layla enters to witness me acting the strife and fool of the party – insisting the turkey was made of tofu.

    Surprisingly, she overlooked my immoderations and granted me an interview during her busy schedule of preparing for New York exhibitions and having a dress made for the Oscars.

    Read more…

  5. Cliff hanger

    July 8, 2013General Health

    On core

    Cass Phelps 2 (2)Avid followers of my blog (which you are of course because you’re discerning and think I am the wisest, wittiest gal going) will know that I get the best people to unravel my complex bodily and emotional functions. Ow, shit, just got my big toe wedged in my base chakra. Note to self; no writing while practicing kundalini asanas.

    Today I want to thank a man who shook me to the core of my being and helped me strip back more layers of my yuckiest complexities; you know, that ego, the voice inside that makes us truly resistant to life, deep peace and happiness? Yes, Cass Phelps, mover and shaker across Hawaii, USA and Europe, sent me plummeting deep into my abysses through a practice I like to call “rolling around on the floor, making strange noises”. Cass puts it more technically; he says we dive into our biological intelligence.

    This is what you’ll typically hear in his Awake-OneProcess classes; Read more…

  6. Having internal affairs (Confessions of a workshop-aholic)

    March 13, 2013General Health

    Your inner fish

    Kauai is self-help city. Once I found nerve-ana by dropping the odd benzodiazepine, but now that I am a Kauaian, I can workshop everything; my inner witch, bitch and fish (from when I was just beyond primordial).

    Actually, I’m hoping someone will offer a double course in fitness and faux pas because after I have put my foot in it, I’ll be able to leg it out of the vicinity faster. Being an all Aussie girl, living in a new-age haven has its challenges. Read more…

  7. The young ones

    December 9, 2012General Health

    “Birth is an act of love, just as conception is,” say the subjects of this story on how parenting can destroy the world. Oops, did I say destroy when I meant save?

    Julie and François Gerland traverse the globe, presenting their transformative picture of the impact of parenting. I recently met them in Kauai. All the greatest people come here you know.

    Relative calm

    Although you might have the best intentions re being a mum or dad, you cannot help but pass on the legacy of those that came before you (excuse the pun) unless you’ve dealt with your issues. Read more…

  8. Vampires, animals and Einstein

    October 5, 2012General Health

    Fangs for the memories

    Kirsten Lindholm, fangs ablaze, The Vampire Lovers, 1970

    There’s a bakery on the south side of Kauai devoid of baked goods. It contains a distinct lack of browning loaves  and an abundance of nori rolls, teriyaki chicken, and chips and sausages.

    A strange, pocket sized Asian man came at me from behind the counter and brought his tattooed fist to my face. He asked me to read it.  “10 Q”, I read. He replied, “You’re welcome”.

    I am actually convinced that you cannot live on this island unless you rate on a scale from slightly, to completely, odd. (Where does that leave me?) This is where this story begins because I recently had the unusual privilege of having an ex vampire turn up at my front door – just out of the blue.

    She has a warm, toothy smile, minus the dental apparatus of her 70s incarnation, i.e. fangs, plus a predilection for plasma – when she was a star in classic cult faves such as The Vampire Lovers and Lust for a Vampire. Read more…

  9. Skeleton staff – Bali bone doctor

    June 7, 2012General Health

    Things snot so good in Bali

    My current physical status as I write this story is jet lagged. I am back in Kauai remembering my previous 18 days in Bali, a trip filled with cosmically spiritual events that I experienced through a snotty nose and hacking cough.

    Yes I, of www.whatshealthy.com.au fame, got sick!

    And of course, being the loving, caring and sharing wife that I am, I passed it onto my husband Cal, which was completely amazing because he is slightly super human and never ever gets sick.

    After two days languishing in my hand-carved four poster bed, getting in touch with the emotional part of me that rendered my immune system lower than one of Brittany Spears necklines, I joined hacking hubby in the car.  I was determined not to miss out on a single spec of spiritual splendour. Read more…

  10. Albert Einstein hair

    February 22, 2012General Health

    Here I am in Kauai, swinging from tree to tree, living from banana to banana and wondering.

    Kauai is such an enigmatic land where dog food is purchased in the paint shop and “No dumping” signs includes live chickens. However I have been asking myself, apart from its ecological majesty, what gives Kauai its character.

    There is no doubt that the locals are at times as colourful as the landscape. As I walked on the beach this morning a wetsuit clad woman rowed her three dogs on her surfboard.

    One of my new friends here is Richard Kraft, a composer, astrologer and giggling guru who was birthed into a traditional upper-middle class Boston family. The hippy/spiritual revolution infatuated him during his teens and he left home to seek a guru with digs.

    Richard has inhabited spiritual communities for most of his life. He is one of Kauai’s great characters. Read more…

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